Cutting dies manufacturer

Our commitments


Quality of the products:
The products we supply you are high-precision tools whose cutting angles are adapted to every type of material, in order to produce an optimal and long-lasting cut. This precision is measured with an accuracy of +/-0.002mm.

Quality of the service:
An experienced and motivated team is at your disposal to guide and advise you.

Environmental quality:
Through waste water treatment units and paper and plastic recycling, the KISSCUT Company strives to respect the environment.


Manufacturing deadlines:
For standard dies, our deadlines are 2 working days (or even one day in case of an emergency).

Quotation handling deadline:
We commit ourselves to answer in the hour following the receipt of your request for quotation.


The structure of our Company allows us a maximum reactivity and thus to meet any specific requirement of every customer.


Kisscut - 223, Route de Rouffach - 68920 COLMAR FRANCE - Tél. : +33 (0)3 89 216 240