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Flexible rotary or flat cutting dies

KLASSIC: the perfect plate for any kind of cutting!

These tools are manufactured in hardened steel and ground on numerically-controlled machines with an accuracy in the range of 0.002 mm. The cutting angles are adapted to the adhesive material to be cut and vary from 50° to 110°. The die heights, which may reach up to 1 mm, are also defined according to your application and to the diameter of the cylinder used.

Our KLASSIC+ version is specially designed to cut synthetics (PE, PP, PET, Tyveck, etc.), as well as special adhesive papers, with the accuracy and sharpness your products require!

For long production runs and abrasive materials, we offer you the Klassic Laser. On these dies, the cutting line is laser-hardened in order to improve considerably the lifetime of the tool, which ensures optimum efficiency and production.

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