Cutting dies manufacturer

Cutting dies manufacturer since 1998

Cylinder and cutting die

The KISSCUT Company was founded 1998. Specialized in manufacturing of rotary and flat cutting dies and in selling cylinders, we strive to remain at the front line of technology and to offer our customer exemplary services, as well in terms of quality as in terms of customer service.

Our flexibility, rapidity and product quality is the guarantee for your satisfaction: a dynamic and efficient team, with over 15 years of experience in this branch, is at your disposal, to meet any of your requirements and to develop with you more and more efficient techniques, to achieve together your projects for tomorrow.


Meaning of the name “KISSCUT”

Kisscut is an English technical word used in our branch to describe the way of cutting an adhesive complex made of the sticker and the support material: this technique cuts the paper while taking into consideration the material “mattress” in order not to cut the support material.

Cylinder and cutting dies

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